Mather Institute Announces New Findings on Happiness in Residents of Life Plan Communities, in Year 3 of Landmark Study

Evanston, IL (January 13, 2021) – What factors are related to the happiness and life satisfaction of Life Plan Community residents? This question was explored in great depth in the landmark, five-year Age Well Study being conducted by Mather Institute and Northwestern University. Year 3 findings of the study are being issued today in a free report available for download by Mather Institute at

The Age Well Study is the only national longitudinal study to evaluate the impact of living in a Life Plan Community on residents’ health and well-being. In its first year, findings from the Age Well Study showed that Life Plan Community residents’ health and wellness compared favorably to that of a demographically similar sample of community-dwelling older adults. Year 2 of the study focused on factors that contribute to residents’ physical health and well-being.

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