Paving the Way for Senior Housing in Tysons

As baby boomers continue to age, the senior population (those above 65 years of age) is increasing at a rapid rate. Given this shift in demographics and as baby boomers look to downsize, the demand for senior housing is at an all-time high with many looking for senior housing communities focused on active and engaging lifestyles. As Tysons continues its steadfast efforts to grow and thrive as an urban epicenter where all ages can live, work and play, developing and innovating senior housing is a priority. Tysons is an optimal location for future senior housing developments due to its location at the gateway to the nation’s capital and because of its expansive amenities in the retail and entertainment arenas. The Mather, a new “life plan” community and Silverstone Senior Living complexes in Tysons each provide the lifestyle active seniors are looking for. Mary Leary, President and CEO of The Mather stated, “We are excited about our plan to build a forward-thinking Life Plan Community in Tysons and are thrilled by the interest from leading-edge boomers. Future residents are engaged in their local communities and want to stay connected. They are looking for an urban, walkable lifestyle in a location they love, with culture, sports, arts, and entertainment options that are easily accessible.”

These two unique senior housing developments in Tysons are well underway and illustrate a modern take on senior housing and why Tysons is an ideal location for each development.

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